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Everyone has a genuine passion for gourmet desserts and we understand the complexity of this industry from the business perspective and that’s why we’ve very carefully accounted for every need and concern of yours before curating flawless gourmet desserts. With the first product line of its kind in the world we have a lot to offer to other businesses as well.

At room temperature, our desserts have a shelf life of 9 months with No preservatives used.

Exactly! Storing gourmet desserts become super easy and convenient.

We take pride in having the patent rights for this cutting edge technology.

Patent has been applied for this innovation which will bring a dessert revolution to the Indian market and also the world over.

We strive at becoming a global brand of desserts and strive actively towards conserving energies and electricity and thereby reducing cold chain dependability and reduced refrigeration as our innovative milk based desserts can be stored at room temperatures and transported throughout India and across the world.

It will also help the food industry reduce food wastage which is a big drawback in the milk based dessert category. The Airline industry, corporates and weddings are just few of the many markets that will benefit from our desserts in ways such as reduced food waste, which is not only a fantastic thing to do but it also saves up a lot of money.

The ingredients that are used which gives our desserts that prolonged shelf life of 9 months is healthy, natural and no extra preservatives are added. We have done substantial amount of research across the globe in order to innovate these desserts without compromising on the taste.

The process of extending shelf life at room temperature employs cutting-edge technology that is used by the US defense for all their food items.
All our desserts and recipes have been approved by the FSSAI. So, you can be sure all our desserts are safe and healthy.

Transportation has become hassle free because you won’t have to worry about the desserts going bad and the packaging is made to be strong and long-lasting so long distance transportation won’t be a problem.

We find ways to increase efficiency while maintaining quality standards for our desserts and services.