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Desserts on the Go!

Doesn’t that sound tantalizing? Spark up your daily lives ANYWHERE and ANYTIME!

That’s right grab your favourite dessert and enjoy them whenever you want to lose yourself on the velvety flavours and undeniably smooth textures.

Dessert has become a way of life. We at Seventh Sense have understood that eating dessert is an experience in our busy lives, it is not possible to always have ingredients and to be able to make our favourite puddings. We have studied the most devoured desserts from across the globe and have created these convenient bowls of heaven. Presenting to you Dessert on the Go!

The convenience of picking up any time anywhere and our equal concern for your health makes it our double-edged USP.

We are electrified to introduce the first of its kind innovation of gourmet desserts from around the world with our own special twist of divine flavours that is sure to satisfy any foodie's palate. The desserts of the century you didn't know you needed, are here. Isn’t it fascinating? For the first time ever in India, a kind of product, which differentiates us from any other.

A unique experience beyond just it being fresh, delicious and well packaged. We've strived hard and done an extensive research to build on this innovation, which is par excellence. 

7th sense brings out the emotion of positivity. Celebratory treats can be more than chocolates, candies or ice creams. 

You can now relish your favorite desserts whenever and wherever you have your sweet cravings.

Aren’t you looking for this?

Get ready to connect with the world and experience exotic flavours that is sure to add happiness in your daily lives.

We just don’t give you quality and taste alone but a memorable experience to cherish with your family and friends.

We’ve carefully curated and put together every individual flavour. Let us bring the world to you and shower you with some love by the only way we know, desserts! Rich creamy gourmet desserts!


9 Months shelf life and storage of milk-based gourmet desserts at Room temperature for which we have a World Patent right Pending in microwaveable cups.


We are honest and transparent about every ingredient that goes into our product and every claim we make: Zero preservatives and a 100% Vegetarian (No Eggs and gelatin)

Sophisticated :

We’re offering a premium product with Freshness Guaranteed in a range of finest desserts from around the world to a dessert lover to celebrate every occasion.

Our Values

We put in hard work so that our products can speak for themselves

  • Integrity
  • Ingenuity
  • Boldness
  • Passion